morgan.jpgI took some photos for my roommate after she found out she was moving to Nashville with her Nashville hat on. I took a couple without the strobe and even with the shade, the had made a brim on her face that was very dark. I used my strobe for the rest of the photos and her forehead and eyes were exposed much better. The details are very noticeable. I really liked the way that they turned out with the strobe. The shade provided perfect lighting for the rest of her body and bottom of her face. The hues turned out very dark toned which I liked as well in contrast with her skin tone.


Fashion Photography


As I’ve been working on ideas for my mock perfume ads, I’ve been looking more at fashion photography. I want to examine photos that scream beauty and see why it creates that feeling in my head and what the photographer did to make it seem so. I want to show beauty in my photos as well. This photo seems so serene and peaceful but yet magnificently beautiful at the same time. Obviously the model and the dress are beautiful but even her facial expression and the way that she has her hands posed create a sense of beauty. Her makeup is flawless and her face is relaxed and it seems less posed than most fashion shots. Maybe the wind was blowing and she happened to move her hair and Adler happened to catch it. Or may it is very posed and Adler had her try to seem relaxed while a fan blew at her hair. Either way, I love the facial expression. The lighting in this photo I think is also important. It has a warm orange tint to it and she has shadows that grow around her face. It gives it a sensual look.


IMG_9877 copy.jpg

I took this photo on our third day in Haiti and it was again super sunny. This area had a lot more trees than on the first day so I was able to catch some shots in the shade. I also felt like my photos looked a lot more crisp in the shade. The kids were very photogenic and were super excited to be looking at the camera. Most of the kids hadn’t ever seen what they looked like before so they were in awe when they got to see themselves for the first time. They were great subjects. I also love the background of this photo, you can see the bright sun and also our team leader playing with some other kids. Its a nice addition without bing too distracting. I  got some great shallow depth of field here blurring out the background. This photo had great contrast to begin with and was tweaked very little in photoshop. I used my flash which illuminated their skin perfectly. These photos I took would not be the same quality without my strobe.



I went to Haiti over spring break and I was able to take my camera with me. I loved being able to get the Haitian kids in their element. It was very sunny everyday that we were outside so using my strobe was necessary. In almost all of my photos the faces of the people looked very well exposed. This photo is my favorite. Despite what you see in the background, there were tons of kids running around and it was really hard to get a shot with no one in the background. The Haitian girl is wearing shorts on her head and was enamored with my camera. They really wanted their photos to be taken because most of the people didn’t know what they looked like, so to see themselves for the first time was really exciting. I brought both of my lenses and this is my zoom lens 50-270mm and took some excellent photos. I am really happy about how they turned out.

Cliffs of Moher

moherThis is one of my favorite photos that I shot when I visited Ireland. The whole place was stunning and it was hard to chose which photo but sometimes it’s the simple ones that are stunning. It was a partly cloudy day when I went and super windy. I wanted to get a shot that had different feel to it and a focus on something small in comparison to such a big surrounding. They yellow also stands out among the earth tone colors and reminds me of something happy. I really like the short depth of field of the flower and how the background is out of focus but it is so big that you can still appreciate the vastness of the view. The greens are lush and the blues fade out of view and I love the tone and feel of the colors.

Richard Avedon celebrity portraits


Richard Avendon has an awesome collection of celebrity portraits. I really liked the ones that he did of Marilyn Monroe. Most photos that are plastered all over the media are photos of her smiling and laughing and this one to me seems a little more real than her iconic photos. The way that her face looks in this photograph is thoughtful. She looks like she’s in thought or relaxed. The black and white makes all of his photos look a little more classic. I realize that he has passed and was born in the 20s but I really like the black and white feel to his photos. Marilyn is so evenly lit and her cheekbones are so soft and consistent. Her lipstick and dress provide a great contrast to the lighter colors in the photo. The sparkle on her dress makes her still feel sparkly like how her other iconic photos look but I really like the light and shine element it brings.

Cindy Sherman


I think Cindy Sherman is a very interesting photographer just because she is the subject in all of her portraits. She is very good at expressing different characters and different eras and creating a scene or scenario for her pictures. I find her to be interesting. I don’t know were she gets all the ideas for her photographs but she’s definitely creative. She puts in a lot of effort to dress up and create the characters and I can’t imagine trying to set settings without someone being in the picture. She must have to get up and down a lot to get the right settings and I assume use self timer. She’s also got the talent of being a model. She’s a one woman show. It is very impressive and different. She uses so many different lightings and scenes and outfits and displays and creates so many moods for her photos. I really like this photo because of the monochromatic theme and how beautiful the lighting is. I also like the way that her face looks in the photo and her expression. She does an all around great job.

Wildlife photography

One of my favorite types of photos to look at is wildlife. I think this is because I don’t see these animals with my own eyes a lot of the time but also because it takes some serious skill to be able to capture an animal in it’s element. There is no scheduling a time or a location with an animal. It is all up to the photographer to be in the right place at the right time to be able to capture the animal. I think it is extremely difficult because you can’t predict what they will do in their environment and you have to pay attention to safety. Cyril Ruoso is one of my favorite wildlife photographers because he gets a lot of emotion and action out of the animals he shoots and I think that it is a reflection on him as opposed to what animal he is photographing. He does a great job of getting them up close or zoomed in so you get a clearer picture of the emotion. His photos are crisp and in focus and they always tell a great story. 561c27e1ebe4e6f552aa518c50d26f.jpg

National Geographic

screen-shot-2017-02-02-at-3-43-43-pmOne of my favorite sites to look at for photography is National Geographic. The photographers are some of the most talented and they get to travel to places that I’ll probably never go to. I think the environment and the lifestyle of all the places they get to go to bring a lot of beauty to their work. This one especially stands out to me because of the backdrop and side lighting. The worn walls, wood, and tiles in the background tells a story of what this girl’s life might be like. It is interesting to imagine what the rest of her surroundings look like. The side lighting is soft and brings an element of peace and calm mixed with her blank expression. The photo is crisp and high quality. I love the moment that this photographer captured.

Portrait – Graduation


At the end of last semester I did graduation photos for a friend of a friend. The day what we chose ended up being a really good day for photos outside because it was pretty overcast. The lighting was soft and dispersed. It was around 4pm-5pm and the sun was to set at 5:45. Towards the end the lighting got a bit red and yellow and it was golden and beautiful. I brought my flash with me and used it throughout all my photos which really helped light up her whole face and especially when it got darker so I didn’t have to skyrocket my ISO.